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1st Generation Farmers

focused on sustainable + biodynamic practices

Born of determination, stubbornness, grit, and a whole lot of heart, Chris and Christina turned 3.5 acres of a grass mountainside into a farm that grows market produce, raises pastured poultry and an ADGA Nigerian dwarf goat herd, as well as a flock of chickens for eggs.



We (Chris and Christina) both grew up in South Florida and have spent so much time on the ocean that no one thought we would ever move away, let alone to western North Carolina. Or start a farm. But here we are. We both have always done things differently and continue to live life this way. 

Starting a farm was not the intent of moving to WNC. The farm started as an extension of how we were living our lives. Our first chicken, Henrietta, was a gift. An ode to a new mountain life we were embarking on. Our first garden was awful, and then it was consumed by our goats. Ever since then, we have been hell-bent on improving. When we moved to our property in Haywood County we were excited to have 3.5 acres to call our own. We also had a day and a half worth of mowing every 10 days. So we plowed 1/3 acre and reveled in the joys of growing our own food. We got more goats, more chickens, and books on our newfound rebellion.  We got meat chickens and we still remember that first chicken fry. Chris has been planting an orchard ever since our first daughter was born. If you ever buy apples from us, those trees were planted from seed by him in her honor.


We work hard to turn our red clay dirt into nutrient-rich soil. We use soil amendments such as organic compost, peat moss, and mushroom compost. We also focus on crop rotations that utilize nitrogen-fixing plants from the previous year to benefit the current year's plantings. This year, we will be incorporating biodiversity management into our strategy through our mobile chicken tractors to aid with pest management, and the goat's natural cold manure. 

It's definitely difficult to get us to come down from this mountain for any considerable amount of time. We've worked hard to create it. It has become our outlaw oasis of rebellion against mowing 3.5 acres of grass, of bland commercially grown chicken, nutrient-lacking produce, and pale yellow yolk-filled eggs. But we suppose that's just the outlaw in us, just tryin' to keep it sustainably wild.


100% pastured raised poultry

It takes work to raise high-quality, flavorful poultry. But boy is it worth it. From the moment the chicks enter the farm they are carefully tended to. The open-air brooder provides plenty of fresh air flow and sunlight and still maintains heat sources. Day-old chicks are given a chick electrolyte to help with travel woes. Once feathered out, they go to the tractors that allow them the safety of a coop while allowing for fresh pasture each day. Poultry is fed a soy-free NON-GMO feed ration that is based on agricultural research to ensure healthy growth and development of the animal.

All poultry is processed and packaged on our farm following NCDA exempt P.L. 90-492.

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